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Revolver - a popular weapon known in our country, all from young to old, is one of the most successful (in class) samples of small arms. It is this kind of short firearms belonged to a revolutionary breakthrough in the arms business in the middle of the XIX century. All previous course of development of handguns by this time formed two major trends to create new designs or semiautomatic weapons that were on the way to develop a multilateral pistols, and single-barreled revolvers. That revolvers fell to become the first examples of weapon shop.

Revolvers are not immediately found its final, distinctive features. It took decades of hard work of designers, engineers and workers gunsmiths. Completion of the Industrial Revolution in Western Europe 1860-1870 years provided an opportunity to industrial, scientific and technical basis for implementing the many ideas that previously had seemed simply unworkable. Scientific and technological progress in practice, literally turned the very basis of the most advanced industries - arms production. Changing the technology of weapons, transfer it to a broad industrial base allowed a genuine revolution in small arms, which most directly influenced the emergence of high-velocity kaznozaryadnogo weapons.

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